Dumfries Youth Theatre is our Young People’s theatre company aimed at young people living in Dumfries and Galloway.

Our work first started as a Youth Work service which was provided by the Youth Enquiry Service as a need that young people felt was missing.

Born in 1994, like any teenager she has blossomed into a fully articulate young adult, who not only pushes her own creative potential, but the many children and young people who benefit from the wider opportunities the Youth Theatre gives them.

We teach young people the discipline that is required for the creative industries, but we nurture their friendships along the way, as some of our children and young people are here to develop their self-confidence and to have a good time.

As our young people progress through the Youth Theatre they work on slightly more challenging scripts, and we place particular focus on the development of their performing skills.

All of our work is based on performance training which works towards a production goal, as we feel young learners understand because of the outcomes they have reached, and because they got up and did it for themselves.

DYT sessions are held in Studio 1 at the Newly refurbished and oldest working theatre in Scotland, the Theatre Royal. We are very excited to be a part of the next Act in the theatres story, along with the other excellent Theatre companies who are working there. If you are looking to learn about theatre production and performance, on stage or backstage, then we are looking for you!!

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Dumfries Youth Theatre (11+’s) 

Tuesday |16.00 – 18.00 | Theatre Royal, Studio 1


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